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  • Status:
    broken up
    1913-SMS NOVARA, Built HELGOLAND class cruiser #45 Bergudi Yard of Ganz & Co. Machine-, Waggon & Shipyard Co. Ltd. Fiume/Bergudi HU
    L:130,60m B:12,70m D:5,20m Disp:3445t MP:30100 LE
    Lenght between perpendiculars:12,70 m
    Depth:5,20 m
    Draft:3445 m
    GRT:16xYarrow kazán/2xAEG turbina
    Main engine type:30100
    Stillwater speed:27 km/h
    Stillwater speed:340 knot
    1915-SMS NOVARA, Osztrák Magyar Császári és Királyi Haditengerészet, Pola, AH
    1915- 01 May from Pola to Cattaro. 06 May escaped French warships off Cephalonia having successfully towed and released German UB7. 24 May shelled Porto Corsini with Scharfschütze. 17 Jun on reconnaissance with Admiral Spaun, Ulan and Tb 55T along Italian coast. 18 Jun attack at Rimini. 19 Jun shelled Italian signal station. 29 Nov transferred to Cattaro. 05 Dec shelled Italian coast from Bojana estuary to San Giovanni di Medusa sinking 3 steamships. 18 Dec in action in Otranto Straits with Tb 74T. 29 Dec from Cattaro to support Helgoland following raid on Durazzo. 30 Dec in action against Brindisi.
    1915-1916 09 Jul sank two British drifters in Otranto Barrage, damaged two more and took nine POWs; line subsequently moved further south. 27 Jul aborted raid on Durazzo following contact with Italian cruiser Puglia and French destroyer Bouclier. 30/31 Jul in action against Italian coast with Tb 83F and Tb 88F. 24 Dec at Pola.
    1932-1918 06 Apr patrol on Italian coast as far as Pescara. 09 Jun to Cattaro with Tb 58T. 10 Jun readied for planned attack in Strait of Otranto. 09 Aug to Cattaro with Tb 57T.
    1941-To France as Thionville. Towed to Bizerta in 1920. Served as Mediterranean gunnery and torpedo training ship until 1932; then briefly accommodation ship for naval arsenal at Toulon. Stricken 1933 and b/u .
    1917 15 May attack on Otranto Barrage; engaged Royal Navy cruisers Dartmouth and Bristol; struck by shell from Dartmouth and taken in tow by Saida. 12 Nov left Cattaro but turned back off Arza.