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ikonTechnical details
  • Classification:
    IMO Number:
    broken up
    1913-NORTH PACIFIC, Pacific Shipping Ltd., Sunderland, GBR
    1916-NORTH PACIFIC, Felix SS Co. Ltd.(G.E. Ambatielos mgrs), Sunderland (London), GBR
    1920-NORTH PACIFIC, Newfoundland Maritime Co. Ltd. (Japp, Hatch and Co. Ltd), Sunderland (London), GBR
    1921-NORTH PACIFIC, s/o (E.H. Mundy and Co. Mgrs), GBR
    1923-NORTH PACIFIC, Exmouth SS. Co. Ltd (Anning Bros), Cardiff, GBR
    1934-CSIKÓS, Anglo-Hungarian Shipping Co. Ltd.(G. Barta), Budapest, HU
    1941-CSIKÓS, s/o, under Panama flag
    1941-VINLAKE, Kentship Ltd. (Craggs and Co), London, GBR
    1944-VINLAKE, Ministry of Transport (Chr. Salvesen and Co mgrs), London, GBR
    09.06.1944: Scuttled in Goosberry No. 3. Normandy Beachead, refloated 1946 and arr. at Falmouth enroute Arromanches-Milford Haven for scrapping by T.A. Ward Ltd., leaking badly, beached at St. Maws, and subsequently broken up for BISCO's account.
  • Built1913, J. L. Thompson & Sons. Ltd., Sunderland, GBR, #497
    Length overall:115,7 m
    Extrem breadth:16,1 m
    Main engine type:triplex gőzgép
    Stillwater speed:10 knot