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"I saw that she was a high-class vessel, a harmonious creature in the lines of her fine body... I knew, that like some rare women, she was one of those creatures whose mere existence is enough to awaken an unselfish delight. One feels that it is good to be in the world in which she has her being." (Joseph Conrad: The Shadow-Line)

Dear Visitor,

For today Hungarian flag has virtually disappeared from world-seas. On the Danube the number of ships flowing at their sterns the red-white-green tricolour gets fewer and fewer. Hungarian shipyards with great history have closed their gates, the last vessels built there might run for few more years and then they would be scrapped up, their fates become the blow torch. We should not let the memories of these once proud ships fade away!

Association for Hungarian Shipping wishes to salute the 150 years old Hungarian shipping and shipbuilding with this homepage. In this virtual register we would like to take account of all Hungarian flagged and built river, lake and sea-going vessels. Our children and grandchildren should get to know the ships on which many rivermen and seafarer generations served and took voyages to almost every part of the world. We also would like to provide information about those ships that by virtue of excellent Hungarian engineering and professionalism had slided into water from Hungarian slip-ways and were then operated - often over their normal lifecycle - to the satisfaction not only of domestic but of foreign shipping companies, too. Moreover, our objective is to give an overview of the history of shipping companies and shipyards located in pre and post Worl War I. Hungary.

Although being constantly updated and extended the register is far from complete since material to be processed is enormous. If the ship you are looking for is not yet included please be patient. We should greatly appreciate if you could support our work with information, data or photos. Our contact address and instructions neccessary for sending or uploading images and data can be found under the "contact" button.

If you wish to know more about our Association, please visit the website, too.

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Site standards that apply to photos and videos uploaded into the hungarian shipregister and delettion of photos from the site

The editorial board of the Hungarian Shipregister hereby provides guidelines to users about the requirements concerning photographs to be uploaded onto the site. Please read through and take into consideration criteria listed below.

1. Resolution (image size) should be - if possible - at least 1024 x 768 pixels.
2. Depend oh the quality the file size will decrease automatically during the upload.
3. Photos must be sharp and correctly exposed.
4. No silhouettes will be accepted.
5. Full ships only, unless showing an unique feature of a ship.
6. The ship must be the main subject.
7. Distant views and shots where the ship is a small part of the image may be considered for deletion. Please, do not challenge limitations of your camera.
8. When posting multiple photos of the same ship taken at the same time, the submission must be restricted to a maximum of 3 photographs with the angle between each photo changing by a minimum of 30 degrees. Duplicate (identical) images may be deleted.
9. The horizon must be level. If not, use photo manipulation software.
10. The name, date and - if possible - location for the photo must be included in the description.
11. Post only photographs for which you have copyright ownership. Do not post other people's work unless they have given you permission to do so.
12. Uploading photos from any outer sources could result in a breach of copyright, therefore always ask for explicit permission from the copyright holder, for instance in case of exhibited photographs in a museum etc., the copyright holder will be either the original photographer or the museum. Scans from publications or photographs from other sites are only permitted if you state the name of the photographer/collection in the description box.
13. Paragraphs 1-10. do not apply to quality requirements of archive images, or photographs showing unique historical events of shipping, unless or until better quality photos are available. The editorial board is entitled to judge over this..
14. Photos will be deleted by the editorial board for non compliance with site standards. Frequent reasons include those listed below: - Image too dark for details of ship to be seen,
- Photograph was taken in counter light or exposure is burnt in,
- Full ship not shown, eg just a bow or stern section etc,
- Blurred or out of focus image,
- The ship is not the main subject focus in the image i.e. where scenery is dominant, or people are seen posing in front of the ship,
- Duplicate images taken at the same time have been uploaded, possibly without user's awareness,
- Large watermarks cover the main subject image.
15. The site use the .flv (Flash video) format.
16. You can download FLV converter from here.
17. You can download from online video sharing sites with this application.
18. The max video upload size is 20 Mb.