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  • Status:
    broken up
    1916-HUNYAD, Built HUNYAD class single screw sea-going passenger and cargo steamer #68 Bergudi Yard of Ganz & Co. Machine-, Waggon & Shipyard Co. Ltd. Fiume/Bergudi HU
    building started as HUNYAD for the Hungaro-Croatian Sea Steamship Co. Ltd. under yard number 68. Intended as the sister ship of the VISEGRÁD, however, not delivered because of the war.
    L:77,13m B:10,41m D:4,18m MP:2224 LE
    Length overall:77,13 m
    Extrem breadth:10,41 m
    Depth:4,40 m
    Draft:4,18 m
    Main engine type:quadralope steam engine
    Output of main engine:2224 LE
    Stillwater speed:13 knot
    1920-launched at the successor yard Cantiere Navali di Quarnero with many modifications to the original plans. Eventually, granted to SHS Kingdom, completed only in 1933 under new number (139) by the Jugoslavs.
    1941-CATTARO, seized by Italy, IT
    1942-D 26, Regina Marina, IT
    1943-09.09.: self scuttled at Santa Margharita, then in German hands, refloated.
    1944-22.03.: scuttled in the entrance of Livorno harbour.
    1947-returned to Jadranska Linijska Plovidba, refloated and broken up at Split.