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ikonTechnical details
  • 1912-TREGLISSON, Hain SS. Co. Ltd. (E. Hain and Son), St Ives, GBR
    1914-TREGLISSON, seized by Imperial German Navy at Bremen while unloading barley from Taganrog (04. 08. 1914), used for naval transports, GE
    1918-(GEESTEMÜNDE?), converted to supply ship of minelayers, GE
    1919-TREGLISSON, returned to owners (20. 01. 1919), GBR
    1934-NYUGAT, Neptun Sea.Nav. Co. Ltd. (B. Burger mgr.), Budapest, HU
    1941-NYUGAT, Soc. Anon. Maritime et Commerciale, Panama, PA
    13.04.1941: intercepted by Dutch sloop KORTENAER on the Timor Sea.
    1941-LIRAN, Dutch Govt. (laid up), NL
    02.03.1942: sunk by the Dutch Navy at Surabaya.
  • Built1912, J. Readhead and Sons Ltd., South Shields, GBR, #429
    Length overall:112,7 m
    Extrem breadth:15,6 m
    Main engine type:triplex gőzgép
    Stillwater speed:9 knot