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  • Status:
    1893-STEPHANIE, Built STEPHANIE class, single screw sea-going passenger steamer #269 Howaldtswerke Shipyard Kiel D
    L:30,60m B:5,86m D:1,90m MP:180 LE
    Length overall:30,60 m
    Lenght between perpendiculars:28,9 m
    Extrem breadth:5,86 m
    Beam:5,7 m
    Depth:2,03 m
    Draft:1,90 m
    Main engine type:triplex steam engine
    Output of main engine:180 LE
    Stillwater speed:10 knot
    1906-MIRAMAR I., Marco A. Martinolich, Lussinpiccolo, AH
    1914-K.u.K. war service
    1918-VESELA, Braća Paric, Spalato, AH
    1923-VESELA, Braća Paric, Split, YU
    1926-SVETI ARANĐEL, Taška Naumovića, Beograd, YU, sails to Danube, ran between Beograd – Stari Bečej
    1937-SVETI ARANDEL, Reengine
    Rebuilt as diesel engined passenger ship
    Diesel engine
    Main engine type:Diesel engine
    Output of main engine:150 LE
    Stillwater speed:11 knot
    1937-SLOGA, Brodarstvo Ivana Bakarića, Beograd, YU, main engine replacement
    1937-After the liquidation of "Taška Naumovića", Serbian-Swiss Bank sold it in auction
    194?-1943-ran between Beograd – Pančevo – Umka – Zrenjanin
    1943-Sept., 1944-ran between Tekija – Oršava – Turnu Severin – Kladovo
    1944-6/9/ - when Red Army erupted in Turnu Severin on the Danube, ship moved from Kladovo to Tekija, and run aground on the coast below the Ada Kale (with 4-5 passengers, 20 Italian prisoners and 3 german soldiers aboard)
    1944-1/10/ - Romanian ship ALBA JULIA towed SLOGA from aground to Tekija, where it was to be enabled for navigation
    1944-3.10. - 9/10/ - transported Red Army troops near the village of Golubinje.
    1944-9/10/ - On her way back to Tekija, approached the village Ogradine, and helped the victims of the Romanian minesweeper GHERDAP, which was sunk by mine, and saved 3 crew members
    1944-12/10/ - by order of the Red Army, departured for Orsova to supply fuel and lubricants. Sunk by mine. The Romanian captain of the ship and 3 crew members (Nikola Pelen, second engineer, Milan from Slankamen, sailor and another sailor who called Riza) are killed
    The ship probably still lays in the area of sinking.