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ikonTechnical details
  • Classification:
    broken up
    1919-launched as NOVA SCOTIA,
    1919-SOLSTRAALEN, Pr. M.A. Olesen and C.P. Jensen, Arhus, DK
    1919-SOLSTRAALEN, Talatta Rhederi A/S (M.A. Olesen), Arhus, DK
    1921-ALBERT MOU, S.P. Andersen, Thurö, DK
    1921-ALBERT MOU, Rederi A/S Albert Mou (A.E. Sörensen), Svendborg, DK
    18.01.1925:in collision with s/s HETTON of Newcastle at Cuxhaven, towed and sold at Hamburg.
    1925-CHR. SCHIERLOH, Christian Schierloh (J.F. Strenge & Son), Brake, GE
    1928-STELLA, G. Wenzell, Praha, CS
    1928-STELLA, Ludwig Ambrosen, Tallin, EST
    1928-MARS, A. Lambot, Tallin, EST
    1929-MARS, Stephen C. Darányi, Budapest, HU
    1932-MARS, Richard Kilu, Tallin, EST
    1933-OMAR, P.F. Echles, Hull, GBR
    22.11.1933: arrested for spirit smuggling in Finnland.
    1936-ELNA, Yrjanen & Kumpp, Rauma, FI (motorcsere)
    1954-ELNA, Birger Asén and Hugo Boström, Helsinki, FI
    1957-ELNA, Brigitta Jensen and Bror Erik Östman, Sippoo, FI
    1958-ELNA, Aukusti Varakas, Helsinki, FI
    1959-ELNA, P.Lindquist, E.Gustavsson, R.Gustavsson, B.Johansson, Porvoo, FI
    1959-60-main engine taken out.
    1960-ELNA, J.Sundberg and H.C. Andersen, Beirut, LB
    1960-towed to Coppenhagen with a cargo of wood for a new engine (Polar diesel) to be installed.
    18.09.18: en route from Hamina, Finland to Coppenhagen with a cargo of wood, near Möja in the archipelago of Stockholm in collision with ms CAPRI. Starboard side heavily damaged but could fulfil the voyage after provisional repairs.
    15.11.1960: destroyed by fire lying at anchor at Kariluoto, Traskby, Sibbo? Finnland. Arrived on 04.11.1960 for repairs. One man lost his life. The engine was taken out and fitted in m/aux MAJBORG. The hull was towed to shore of Rökulla, Bergarholmen, by and by destroyed by stormas. During the 80s cut to pieces down to the waterline.
  • Built1919, Middelfart Skibs, Middelfart, DK
    wooden hull three masted motor schooner
    Length overall:38,17 m
    Extrem breadth:9,12 m
    Depth:4,10 m
    Main engine type:Alpha 4 cyl ! tak diesel motor
    Output of main engine:120 LE