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ikonTechnical details
  • Classification:
    ENI Number:
    860 1313
    1963-KESZTHELY, MAHART Siófoki Kirendeltség, Budapest/Siófok, HU.
    1964-KESZTHELY, MAHART Balatoni Hajózási Üzemigazgatóság, Budapest/Siófok, HU.
    1984-KESZTHELY, MAHART Balatoni Hajózási Leányvállalat, Siófok, HU.
    2002-KESZTHELY, Balatoni Hajózási RT, Siófok, HU.
    2006-renewed in Siófok
  • Built1963, Vác Unit of MHD (Hungarian Shipyard & Crane Factory), Vác, HU, #3031/2
    Length overall:30,83 m
    Lenght between perpendiculars:27,92 m
    Extrem breadth:6,35 m
    Beam:6,17 m
    Fixpoint height:6,23 m
    Depth:2,73 m
    Draft:1,31 m
    Displacement:49-73 t
    Main engine type:2 x Wola 3D6N
    Output of main engine:2x150 LE
    Number of passengers:220 person
    New main-engine1975
    Main engine type:2 x Rába D 2156 HM 6
    Output of main engine:2 x 150 (1500 rpm) LE
    Output of main engine:2 x 110 kW
    Drive type:H-230 Pv shifter, 1 : 3
    Stillwater speed:20 km/h
    Number of passengers:220 person