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ikonTechnical details
  • 1896-ERZSÉBET KIRÁLYNÉ, MFTR, Budapest, HU
    20.06.1912- burned down due to sabotage at Rassova on the Lower-Danube,
    1914-rebuilt by the MFTR Shipyard at Orsova; at the outbreak of war, just before completed was moved behind the Ogradina Island where she was sunk by Serbian artillery on 18.08.1914.
    1923-rebuilt by the Obuda Shipyard of the DDSG,
    15.04.1944.-mined and sunk at Apostag,
    1944-at the end of the year refloated and towed to west,
    1945-in January ( according to other sources in May) sunk in an air attack at Krems,
    1945-at the end of the year refloated by the Soviet River Flottila, after partial repairs in the Óbuda Shipyard towed to the USSR in 1947 (according to other sources in 1952).

    According to information by capt. József Horváth she was seen in passenger service on the river Volga in the 1950s by Hungarian POWs.
  • Built1896, United Schönichen-Hartmann Shipyard, Machine & Boiler Works, Budapest/Újpest, HU, #601
    Length overall:77,20 m
    Lenght between perpendiculars:75,00 m
    Extrem breadth:15,00 m
    Beam:7,70 m
    Fixpoint height:8,75 m
    Depth:2,70 m
    Draft:1,40 m
    Main engine type:2db kétvégű kazán, háromhengeres triplex gép
    Output of main engine:800 LE
    Rebuilt1914, MFTR Orsova Shiprepair Yard, Orsova, HU
    Length overall:78,30 m
    Lenght between perpendiculars:76,10 m
    Extrem breadth:15,70 m
    Beam:8,32 m
    Fixpoint height:8,75 m
    Depth:2,70 m
    Draft:1,45 m
    Output of main engine:800 LE