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ikonTechnical details
  • Classification:
    broken up
    1897-MILLENNIUM, Erste K. u. K. privilegierte Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft ( DDSG ), Wien, AT-HU
    11.1918: seized by Serbian troops,
    1919-MILLENNIUM, N.A.C.D.E.V.( Naval Allied Commission for the Disposal of Enemy Vessels )
    1919-MILOŠ OBILIĆ, Brodarski sindikat ( DRP ), Beograd, SHS
    1926-MILOŠ OBILIĆ, Državna rečna plovidba ( DRP ), Beograd, SHS
    193?-MILOŠ OBILIĆ, Jugoslovenska rečna plovidba ( JRP ), Beograd, YU
    1941-MILOŠ OBILIĆ, Südosteuropäische Reederei ( SOR ), Belgrad, DE
    30.11.1941: sank near Kamenička Island at the km 1258,000 of the Danube river,
    194?-refloated and repaired,
    13.4.1944: sunk near Makiš on Sava river by two platoons of 4th company of the 1st Srem detachment,
    19??-broken up.
  • Built1897, Óbuda Shipyard of DDSG, Budapest/Óbuda, HU
    Length overall:62,00 m
    Extrem breadth:15,90 m
    Beam:8,50 m
    Depth:2,80 m
    Draft:1,20 m
    Main engine type:diagonal 3 cilinder triplex steam engine
    Output of main engine:680 LE