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ikonTechnical details
  • Classification:
    withdrawn from service
    1872-BALATON, Zala-Somogyi Gőzhajó Társulat (Zala-Somogy Steamship Co.). The second steamer, and the first screw-propelled steamer of the Lake Balaton. Usually transported stone and wine from the northern shore to the railway on the southern shore between Révfülöp, Badacsony and Boglár with 6 wooden barges.
    1877-Company became bankrupt
    1877-BALATON, Rév-fülöp-Boglári Gőzhajózás (Steamshipping of Révfülöp-Boglár Co.)
    1878-Company became bankrupt, the ship was moved to the Danube
    1878-PETŐFI, Egyesült Körösi Gözhajózási Vállalat (United Körös River Steamshipping Co.), Szarvas, HU
    1879-ALEXANDRA, Albrecht Archduke's lordship, Bellye
    1892-MOHÁCS, Rosenfeld Simon, Mohács, HU
    1899-IRMA, Schödl Károly, Budapest, HU
    1911-(1913?) IRMA, Sand and Gravel Transportation Co., Budapest, HU
    1922-IRMA, Újlaki Téglagyár (Brick Factory of Újlak).
    1926-IRMA, Egyesült Építőipari és Hajózási Rt. (United Building-Trade & Shipping Co., former Brick Factory of Újlak)
    1930-IRMA, Nagybátony-Újlaki Egyesült Iparművek (United Nagybátony-Újlak Industrial Works)
    1944-Blown by german troops at 2027,5 km of the Danube
    1951-Lifted up ant transported back to Hungary
    1953-FK 312, FOKA, Budapest, HU. Rebuilt as motorship.
    1973-Renewal at FOKA Baja repair works.
    1978-rejected after more than 100 working years.
    1981-ransported back to Balatonboglár and exhibited in the harbour.
    2009, 7th of May: The ship was waiting to be a renewal, when it has been set on fire and burnt out.
    2011-restoration works on the hull, subsidized by the European Union and Hungarian State founds. Creating an exhibition is planned again.
    2012-Exhibition has opened in the restored ship.
  • Built1872, Hermann Schönichen Shipmachine & Boiler Works, Budapest/Újpest, HU, #6
    Lenght between perpendiculars:27,40 m
    Beam:4,68 m
    Depth:2,50 m
    Draft:1,20 m
    Main engine type:M. Schimmelbusch (Wien) compaund steam engine
    Output of main engine:80 LE
    Rebuilt1893, United Schönichen-Hartmann Shipyard, Machine & Boiler Works, Budapest/Újpest, HU
    Length overall:30,3 m
    Lenght between perpendiculars:28,00 m
    Extrem breadth:6,00 m
    Beam:4,9 m
    Depth:1,98 m
    Draft:1,4 m
    Displacement:116,00 t
    Output of main engine:100 LE
    Rebuilt1953, Southern Yard of FOKA, Budapest, HU
    Length overall:30,8 m
    Lenght between perpendiculars:29,25 m
    Extrem breadth:7,2 m
    Beam:5,31 m
    Fixpoint height:5,68 m
    Depth:1,8 m
    Draft:0,9 m
    Displacement:116,00 t
    Main engine type:Ricardo-Stork S-160. Diesel (4 cylinder.)
    Output of main engine:160 LE