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  • Status:
    1910-MAGDA, Built MAGDA class, armoured speed boat Revebskiy Hajógyár Odessa RU
    L:15,80m B:2,70m D:0,65m Disp:16t MP:2x140 LE
    Length overall:15,80 m
    Extrem breadth:2,70 m
    Draft:0,65 m
    Displacement:16 t
    Main engine type:Ganz Jendrassik diesel motor
    Output of main engine:2x140 LE
    Stillwater speed:25 km/h
    Number of passengers:11 person
    1918-MAGDA, Austro-Hungarian I&R Danube Flottilla Budapest AH
    1918-confiscated Russian armored speedboat. MGDA and MÁRIA were identical, the third one named MARGIT was somewhat shorter and wider
    1919-MAGDA was in service at Szolnok where she was scuttled by her crew to prevent falling in Romanian hands refloated and enlisted in the Danube Flottila.
    1941-she exploded on the River Tisza due to negligence.